Henderson Retail - Case Study

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This case study talks about the challenges that Henderson Retail encountered and how they were able to overcome these by implementing TellUsFirst into their stores:
- Henderson Retail Profile
- Impact of TellUsFirst for Henderson Retail
- Impact of TellUsFirst during Covid-19 period
- Challenges faced
- How TellUsFirst solved these challenges
- How Henderson Retail stores implement TellUsFirst
- Improvements achieved

What is TellUsFirst?

TellUsFirst™ is our instant customer feedback solution, which provides your business with real-time customer feedback. It enhances customer experience, satisfaction & loyalty by providing you with actionable data that you can use to improve your business.

TellUsFirst™ is easy to set up, use, & to view & respond to customer feedback. Customers can click, tap or enter the URL through a variety of channels & it takes less than 60 seconds for them to complete & leave feedback. Most importantly in this changing environment, this is a contactless method of receiving valuable feedback.”

What our clients love most about TellUsFirst™ is that it gives them an opportunity to turn any negative experience into a positive one, before the customer has the opportunity to spread the word. Our research shows that when customers have been contacted on the back of leaving feedback, their customer satisfaction levels increase ten-fold!


  • Customise your survey questions & adapt them to your business needs.
  • Easy to promote.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Insightful, user-friendly dashboards.
  • Trend your customer satisfaction, NPS & feedback over time.
  • Easy to view, analyse & respond to customer feedback.
  • Reflects your your organisational hierarchy & unlimited user access.
  • No hardware costs.
  • Is tablet compatible & can be used in stand-alone kiosk-mode
  • Contactless method


Direct Channel To your Customers

TellUsFirst™ provides you with a direct channel to listen to, engage & build relationships with your actual customers.

Monitor your Customer Happiness Score

Measure customer happiness levels. Take stock of how satisfied your customers are, what they like and what they don’t like.

Track your Net Promotor Score

Track your Net Promotor Score, which measures the likelihood of new and repeat business. Forecast growth, revenue & assess your business performance.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team of skilled Account Managers do the heavy lifting for you. Your Account Manager will be dedicated to helping you gain key insights into your business.​


Compared to some of the other customer feedback solutions on the market, TellUsFirst™ is the most cost-effective. It is all online, removing any expensive hardware costs.

User Friendly Dashboards

Our tailored dashboards provide you with 24/7 access to key insights into your results & performance in a clear, concise & user-friendly manner.​

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